Hazrat Pir Gulzar Hussain Shah Sabri (Rehmatullah Alaih)

Hazrat Pir Gulzar Hussain Shah Sabri (Rehmatullah Alaih) was the elder son of Pir Saidan Shah Sabri (Rehmatullah Alaih). He was born in 1936 (AD). His name "Gulzar Hussain" suggested by his grandmother. He went to Kalyar Sharif in 1946 along with his father and grandmother where Dastar (turban of honour) granted to him and he was nominated the next spiritual superior for the Sabri Court of Kalas Sharif.

Hazrat Pir Saidan Shah (Rehmatullah Alaih) educated his son with full attention, devotion and left no stone unturned to complete his studies. He pledged of discipleship on the hands of his father. He loved his religion very much. He was a pious saint, worshiped the Holy God and an obedient servant of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him). Pir Saidan Shah (Rehmatullah Alaih) often said that he is reality of my dreams. He was a submissive and obedient follower of his father. He was a great saint, genius and God had gifted him great abilities and natural gifts. He married in 1953 in the family of Mian Mubarik Shah Hashmi of Chak No.497, Tehsil Shorekot, District Jhang. Mian Mubarik Shah belonged to Hazrat Baha-ul-Haq Zakria Multani from his ancestors. In 1953 God has gifted him with a son. Hazrat Saidan Shah Sarkar (Rehmatullah Alaih) suggested his name "Shamim Sabir" but soon the mother of Shamim Sabir died.

He loved his followers and always advised them to love the Holy God and Prophet (Peace be upon him). He served days and nights for the development, betterment of Islam and his sect (maslak). He went far and long for this purpose. He has a creative mind. He constructed a ceremony room (gathering room), Hujras (meditation and prayer rooms), Langar Khana (food room), guest rooms, mosque, at the Court of Kalas Sharif. He also constructed a mosque, guest rooms at the court of Hazrat Mardan Ali Shah Sabri (Rehmatullah Alaih) at Magho Pindi and guest rooms and ceremony room (gathering room) at Pak Pattan Sharif. He also constructed a beautiful shrine of Hazrat Saidan Shah Sabri (Rehmatullah Alaih) in 1988. He also constructed the Hujra Mubarik (meditation room) of Hazrat Sabir Pak (Rehmatullah Alaih) and also took part with his hands in the construction. Every necessity of current life like electricity, post office, roads and telephone is available at Kalas Sharif due to his efforts. He constructed a religious school (madrasa) "Gulzar-e-Chisht" where many children are tought religious studies. He wrote many books e.g. Sada-i-Haq, Shahi Gadai, Gulzar-e-Taiba, Zikr-e-Bilal, Wasdian Akheen, Gulzar-e-Chisht, Ramoze Dilbaran and Shahkar-e-Sabir (Seerat-e-Saidan). He went many times to Kalyar Sharif and Ajmer Sharif. The people of Kalyar and Ajmer had a lot of respect and love for him.

On the anniversary of Pir Mardan Ali Shah Sabri (Rehmatullah Alaih) on 30 June, 1991, he fell ill and remain admitted in Lahore Cardiology Institute. After 3 months he felt better, arrived Kalas Sharif and the annual anniversary was held under his administration. After anniversary he was again admitted in the hospital. On 26 November, 1991 he nominated Pir Shamim Sabir Sabri as the "Sajada Nasheen" (Spiritual Superior) of the Sabri Court of Kalas Sharif. He gave himself to the wish of God on 28 November, 1991. The funeral prayer was offered by Pir Ashiq Hussain of Behgam Sharif near Chak Raib (Malikwal District Mandi Baha-ud-Din). He was buried on the right side of his father Pir Saidan Shah Sabri (Rehmatullah Alaih).

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